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Our Story

Our journey began on 1 September 2017, when, after more than two decades of experience in the field of motor vehicle glazing, we established "Il Vetrauto Sagl", based in Giubiasco.

We position ourselves as the undisputed specialists and leaders in the field of windscreens for vehicles of all types. Our 20 years of experience in windscreen replacement and repair is the epitome of professionalism and quality, embodied in our motto: "PARABREZZA SCHEGGIATO? IL VETRAUTO VA CHIAMATO."

To maximise your convenience and satisfaction, we offer a mobile service with one of our specialised technicians who will visit you directly. "Mobile service, where you want, when you want" is our commitment to make your experience with Il Vetrauto Sagl even easier and tailor-made. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority.

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Mobile service

Windscreen repair

ADAS and frontal radar calibration

Glass replacement

Headlight polishing

Truck - Bus - Agricultural vehicles

Mobile service

Glass replacement

Windscreen repair

Emotach Federal authorisation for detachment and piecing

Vintage vehicles

Windscreen repair

Glass replacement

Headlight polishing

Private client

Claim announcement

Checking deductibles

Credit assignment



On-site service

Glass replacement

Sale and fitting of windscreens The direct sale of the windscreen and mounting set is only carried out if accompanied by mounting

Why choose us

The mobile service

Stress-free experience: we bring the service to your home, without wasting time and without disturbing third parties.

Insurance practices

Entrust the whole process to us, while you enjoy the convenience of sharing only the grey card data of your car.

ADAS and Frontal Radar

ADAS and frontal radar calibration: optimises the accuracy of driver assistance systems and sensors, improving road safety.


Windscreen repair

Environmental costs

Save money and contribute to the environment with windscreen repair: lower costs, less disposal and reduced insurance costs.

Duration of intervention

The intervention, with an average duration of 30/45 minutes, becomes even quicker in urgent situations. A specialised technician can reach you directly on the same day to repair the windscreen.


The repair guarantees 100% complete restoration and integrity of your windscreen.

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